Acaia Pearl S (2023)




Don't chance your brews. The importance of weighing your coffee pre and post.

Synonymous is the world of specialty coffee - the industry standard in scales. 

The Pearl S (2023) is the latest and greatest from Acaia. This scale boasts essential brewing modes, real time flow rate display, interactive brew guides, smart connectivity and delightful sound notifications. Our personal fav is the portafilter mode, brilliant.

The S stands for smart - this scale intergrates well with blutooth and the Acaia app.

Includes heat resistant coaster and USB-C cable.

Available in matte black.

This is a glorious scale. The absolute best for any professional barista. Also the heaviest capacity scale we sell. Perfect for one of those lovely Ginas.


Dimensions  160mm X 160mm X 32mm
Accuracy  < 0.01g
Max Weight  3000 Grams
Battery  Lithium - ion rechargeable
Power  USB-Type C (16 - 40 hours on single charge)
Product Weight  625 grams
Display  Dot Matrix (cool)
Blutooth Connectivity  5.0
Warranty  Limited 1 year  


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