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Sugimoto Cleaver #6 220mm



Sugimoto comes to us from Toyko via Seki city.  We have been huge fans of this small family's work since before the day we opened and continue to amaze at the clean precise work that comes from them. Famous for their cleavers, this #6 Cleaver is a one of the most popular sizes coming from Japan. At 220mm long and 110mm tall, its a do it all vegetable cleaver in a Chinese style kitchen.  

Due to the high purity of carbon steel, remember to keep this knife wiped down and dry at all times. Never use on frozen foods or bones. 

Custom cleaver cover available here.


Collection Knives
Blade  220mm X 110mm / Even
Steel  White Steel #2 / Carbon
HRC  62
Handle  90mm / Brown Oak
Weight  445 grams

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