Some of our favourite little things


Some of our favourite little things

With a shop called KNIFE, there's no doubt that we love knives. That being said, no tool kit is complete without a few other essentials.

Here are some of our favourite little things.


Mezulu Whisk

This guy comes to us from Yoshikawa (producers of our famous Yukihara pots). In all honesty we brought this in because it looked cute in pictures.  "Why not?" we thought, "It'll be fun," not knowing that it would become so invaluable in our everyday tool kits. Perfect for aerating sauces and finishing vinaigrettes for plating. We can't live without this cute little tool.

KNIFE Moribashi Chop Stick

Moribashi Chopsticks

These are for plating. Don't make the mistake of eating with these.  Delicate food like sashimi / flowers are best picked up with something like these. Since we hate tweezers, Moribashi's are the obvious choice.


KNIFE Silkys


There isn't much to say about these. They're just the Silky's! Toronto's favourite pair of utility scissor. Rubberized / unbreakable handles are a great touch for those clumsy cooks and wickedly sharp short handles make it perfect for everything from plastic bags to micro greens.  

KNIFE Fish Bone Tweezers

Fish Bone Tweezers

Bartenders and front of house love to steal our things, and in the many years of my cooking career, the tweezers were always the first to turn up behind the bar. What did they use these for? Best thing to use for pin bones when cleaning fish.

We all have our favourite little tools that we pick up along the way. These are just some that we've tried and tested over the years, and have become some of our favourite little things. 

Thanks for reading, OB. 

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