In a shop that carries products that never go out of style or season, like knives and stones, it's always extremely exciting to receive new innovative products. To deal with centuries-old, master crafts people who, while still adhering to traditional techniques, have approached modern cooking styles with unfounded innovation and creativity. 

Introducing the Malutto and Solitto from Oigen. 

The following is, in the words of the minds behind Oigen, the story and creation behind these two new beautiful cast iron pieces. 



The rotund shape, reminiscent of a tetsubin kettle, gently draws out flavours. 

This beautiful and functional round shape is a culmination of 300-year-old iron kettle making techniques and knowledge passed down through the generations at Oigen. The stout iron lid helps seal the goodness in. Charming, robust Malutto is crafted to the highest standards, to satisfy the most demanding cooks. 



Deep sides with the ideal angle - a lifelong standard that will go the distance. 

Special attention has been paid to the depth and angle of the sides and handle, specifically because they are a standard shape. We promise you all the benefits of cooking with cast iron pans. Grasp the handle and it instantly becomes an extension of your arm. The non-slip handle has a feel reminiscent of leather and gets more and more comfortable to hold with each use. Try placing your thumb on the dimple of the handle's base; you will be able to carry and wash the heavy iron pan with ease.


Three ways heat control brings out the best flavour every time:

1. Thick and Heavy Cast Iron

The typical thickness of cast iron enables cooking with both retained heat and radiant heat.

Great heat retention enables even and effective transfer of heat to the food. While cooking the exterior evenly, cast iron pans simultaneously heat from the inside, just as the sun warms your body from within, bringing out the best flavours of each ingredient. The unique 'Naked Finish' is shown to provide 2.5 times more radiant heat than untreated cast iron*.

*Radiant heat is the delivery of heat to an object through electromagnetic waves.

*Based on in-house research. 

 2. The Uncoated 'Naked Finish'

There is a taste only possible through precisely controlled heat with no layers of coating to block it. 

The world's first 'Naked Finish' was developed by Oigen in 2003. This revolutionary process protects pans from rust and enhances the cooking experience without the need for enamel or commonly used chemical-based synthetic coating. 

Naked Finished cast iron is free form the risks posed by artificial layers such as chipping, leeching, or emitting chemical smells when exposed to high heat or sudden changes in temperature. 


3. Expertly Crafted Shape

MALUTTO - designed to circulate heat and steam. 

Transfer heat gently and instantaneously. The rotund shape of Malutto is full of surprises. 

The stable heat provided by cast iron combined with the unique shape that traps heat make Malutto pans ideal for slow cooking. Circulating steam prevents food from drying out during the long cooking process, much like a steam convection oven. You'll no doubt be surprised at how well this pan does the cooking for you. Once you've got the hang of steam cooking with the lid on, why not try cooking quickly on high heat?

SOLITTO - proven shape that ensures the best use of heat. 

Tough enough to withstand high temperatures and retains heat well. It proves its worth when you cut through the ingredients. 

Burnt edges and raw in the middle... you'll be free from the stress of cooking meat with retained heat slowly released, cooking to perfection. Brown the outside with high heat first, then turn off the heat and allow it to gently cook through to perfection. Deep sides accommodate a wide variety of uses. 


We're beyond excited about these gorgeous pieces from Oigen. Come by the shop anytime to take a look for yourself.

Thanks for reading,


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