Incredible Binchōtan.


Incredible Binchōtan.

Bincho tan is magic.  Properties of natural cleansing, filtering water, deodorizing and of course charcoal for grilling.  This stuff is incredible.  100% all natural, biodegradable and odour free.

In the Edo period, a craftsman named Bichū-ya Chōzaemon began to produce a charcoal from the ubame oak called Binchō-tan, or white charcoal, named for the stark white colour the charcoal turns as it burns. Binchō-tan is still produced in Tanabe, Wakayama and is referred to as Kishu Binchō-tan.

It is favoured by cooks around the world since it burns at a lower temperature and for longer periods of time than ordinary charcoal.

It doesn't produce any unpleasant odours, making it ideal for sealing in natural flavours.  Kishu Binchō-tan also has purifying properties and is commonly used for filtering drinking water and absorbing odours in fridges and cupboards. It is harder than traditional black charcoal and has a distinctive metallic ringing sound if struck together. It has been steadily gaining popularity worldwide and is even used in the production of clothing and instruments.

Kishu Binchō-tan works perfectly in our Konro grills but can also be used in place of regular charcoal in any bbq grill.  Use outdoors and in a well ventilated area.

Beware of many other Binchō-tans being produced outside of Japan being marketed as Japanese charcoal.  Many are made using chemical additives and accelerants.

The Binchō-tan we source is 100% pure Ubame oak from Shikoku or Wakayama Japan and is the KING of charcoals.

Using a chimney charcoal starter or an old grill top over naked flame, Kishu charcoal may take up to an hour to light. Be patient with this charcoal as the heat generated can last upwards of 6 hours!  Avoid using starters or lighter fluids as this will affect the flavour of the charcoal.

Binchō-tan doesn't burn hotter than other charcoals, it burns more consistently and without flare ups therefore aiding in searing and sealing the natural juices and flavours of what you're cooking.

Truly an incredible flavour for anyone who loves grilling.

Thanks for reading - EO

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