In the Wild: Mcusta Zanmai Bread Knife


In the Wild: Mcusta Zanmai Bread Knife

Do you ever have those moments where all you can think about is how outrageous and frivolous a purchase is? Leading up to the purchase you question if you really need it, you think about your life, what you use daily, hell what you eat daily. Bread? Almost never, but you continue to think about it. You see it, you hold it, you picture yourself using it, and really think about including more bread in your diet. Hell with all the outstanding bakeries in Toronto, why shouldn't you be eating more bread? And you know what? You should. So you buy the knife and you buy more bread and eat more bread, all is well with the world, everything you were worried about melts away just like butter, and you're happy.

These are the problems I often have when deciding on a new knife, and I know some of you can relate, and while not every knife I’ve gotten my hands on gets scrutinized so closely, the fanciest bread knife I’ve ever bought did. I’m glad I did think so carefully tho, because now I'm here to tell you just how blown away I am and continue to be. With a length of 230mm it performs more like a Sujihiki than a bread knife. With one clean pull often being enough to glide through crunchy, crispy and delectable starches like no other bread knife I've used. Mind you I've never used another serrated VG-10 knife, and that's because you never see them. Hence the purchase of said knife.

So not only does this thing perform, but it is hands down the most gorgeous bread knife you’ll ever see.

Toting an etched 33 layer Damascus cladding with a VG-10 core, popping red micarta handle, mosaic pin, and stainless steel handle cap. This bread knife is a sight to behold, and maybe the last bread knife you’ll ever need. I say this because in my 7 years at KNIFE I’ve never seen one come back for sharpening. Not once! Of course now that I’ve put that out into the universe, here we go. Challenge accepted.

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