In the Wild: Koutetsu Ko-Bunka


In the Wild: Koutetsu Ko-Bunka

This series will showcase the knives and other things we've used and abused. We'll share our thoughts, likes and dislikes. Hope you enjoy it. 

I grew up in a house of great cooks. My parents always made delicious dinners for me and my sister, and as we got older we were often right beside them in the kitchen helping out. My sister has also been in the food industry since she was 17, so I've learned a lot about food from her over the years.

Unfortunately, what we didn't have growing up was great knives.

For years, and honestly up until more recently than I'd like to admit, I would often just grab whatever knife was in the dish rack, usually an old steak knife or another super dull knife, and struggle through chopping or slicing whatever I was cooking. I now understand the value of not only a sharp knife, but one that has been expertly made. 

Kotetsu Ko Bunka

The Koutetsu Ko-Bunka was the first Japanese knife I ever used, and so far it's my number one choice out of all the other knives I've since had the pleasure of using.

Unlike the rest of my family who are avid meat-eaters, I'm a vegetarian. Not gonna lie, I can be a bit of a lazy vegetarian sometimes and will go for a day or two eating only bread and hummus or instant noodles, but I still try to actually cook meals for myself as much as possible and especially now that I have this Koutetsu knife in my kitchen.

This knife has made chopping, dicing, mincing and slicing vegetables a breeze, and has really cut down on the amount of time I have to spend cooking.

Kotetsu Ko Bunka cutting tofu

Yes, it's tofu and easy to cut, but the thin blade has made my usual untrained knife skills seem pretty good. 

The handle fits perfectly in my small hands and it has just enough weight to feel like I have a good amount of control while using it. And I have to say, as a fan of more minimalist aesthetics, this knife has the perfect look for me. 

I seriously love this knife.

Thanks for reading, OB. 

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