In Praise of the Green Brick of Joy


In Praise of the Green Brick of Joy

This is our favourite stone. 

Almost every knife that comes through our shop for sharpening touches the Green Brick. It's just that good. 

Sitting at 8 x 2 inches and 3 inches tall, this sucker will last you for the rest of your life.

Made by reliable Naniwa, this stone has proven time and time again that it's worth having in your sharpening kit. 

This stone was discontinued in North America a few years ago, but due to such high demand from knife enthusiasts it was brought back and is now more popular than ever.

KNIFE Green Brick

The #2000 grit Green Brick has a super smooth and buttery feel to it during use, and gives your knife a nice polished finish while still maintaining an edge with bite. We love using it with constant nagura"ing".  The soft texture lends itself to a little clogging, but regular use of a dressing stone helps with keeping it in top shape.

Use this stone to finish off sharpening your knives or in the kitchen for regular maintenance. Either way, after using the Green Brick once you won't want to use anything else. Ever. 

thanks for reading - OB.

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