Oigen : The World's best cast Iron

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Oigen : The World's best cast Iron

Any chef or cook will tell you that next to a sharp knife, nothing beats an amazing cast iron pan. We here at KNIFE have always tried to source the best of the best.  Along with our main stay of knives, our goal was, is and always will be to supply our customers the best products we can find.

Oigen is that product. 

The shop has evolved.  With our recent move to 803 Dundas and celebrating our 9th birthday,  we knew that we needed more than just knives and stones.  KNIFE has always been a place for cooks.  A place that supplied our industry friends with the best tools for the job.  That is Oigen.

Oigen at KNIFE Toronto

I would love to tell you that I travelled to Japan and scoured the streets, painfully walked miles and miles up a dirt road to a hidden factory in the hills just to visit the shrine that was Oigen cast iron.  That I was the only foreigner to be allowed into the factory, that I wasn’t allowed to take pictures and that these family secrets never left the village. But honestly, I just googled "best cast iron" and found Oigen.

After 6 months of broken correspondences, an awkward 3 language, one hour Skype call and countless amounts of back and forth, we finally placed an order.

That order has arrived and it is gorgeous.

Oigen shipment arrrived at KNIFE Toronto 

We decided on a smaller size order to get the full impression of what this stuff can do.  We've taken some home and will be posting about our impressions in real world settings in the coming weeks.  Along with a cast iron care guide.

Thanks for reading. - EO

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