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Mcusta Zanmai Dark for KNIFE

Ladies and gentleman, we are pleased to introduce to you - Mcusta Zanmai Dark for KNIFE.

Dark for KNIFE is the product of a two year collaboration with our dear friends at Mcusta. Mainly Tomo Hasegawa, President of Mcusta Corporation.

Mcusta has been with us here at the shop since day one. One of our favourite blades to deal with and more importantly the most consistently reliable workhorses that we've used. (Check out our origin story here).

It was always a dream of ours to have a custom knife and when it became a possibility, the first people we thought about contacting was Tomo over at Mcusta. There are many knives - many incredible knives - but Mcusta just speaks to us. In an industry that stays true to many traditional methods and ideals, Mcusta always pushes its limits and creates new and exciting things through modern technology.

We went with a 4 piece set. 150 Petty / 180 Santoku / 210 Gyuto / 240 Sujihiki. Over the years and many knives later, we've found that these 4 knives work the absolute best for us. We are in the works for adding a Honesuki (a must for most of us), but that might take some time.

We're very proud of this line and we hope you enjoy using it.

We've taken a few blades home to use and abuse and will post a review in the upcoming months.

"The 150 petty is now my most used knife in the kitchen. Two toddlers who can eat their weight in apple and pear slices will do that."

Head over here to check out the entire collection.

Thanks for reading - EO


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