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Yu Kurosaki Raijin Cobalt Gyuto 240mm



Young blacksmith Yu Kurosaki got his start working for Kaneshiro Uchi - Hamono and later on for Masakage producing their Shimo and first run Zero lines. Kurosaki-san's attention to detail and perfection has led him to become one of the premier young blacksmiths in Takefu, Echizen, and also Japan. These knives showcase an original style of doing Tsuchime. The "silvered" texture of the blades lends itself to release stuck foods and also reduce friction.  All the while looking incredible. With Cobalt Special steel giving a rockwell hardness of around 62-63, the Raijin line of knives is an excellent blade for home or professional use and we are proud to offer them here at KNIFE. Handmade in Takefu, Echizen, Japan.


Collection Knives
Blade  240mm / Double Beveled
Steel  Cobalt Special / Hand hammered
HRC  62 - 63
Handle  140mm / Octagonal rosewood
Weight  170 grams

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