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Yu Kurosaki Megumi Santoku 170mm

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Young blacksmith Yu Kurosaki got his start working for Kaneshiro Uchi - Hamono and later on for Masakage producing their Shimo and first run Zero lines. Kurosaki-san's attention to detail and perfection has led him to become one of the premier young blacksmiths in Takefu, Echizen and also Japan.  With a rockwell hardness of around 62 (great for stainless VG-10)  the Megumi line of knives is a excellent blade for home or professional use and we are proud to offer them here at KNIFE.  Handmade in Takefu, Echizen, Japan.


Collection Knives
Blade  170mm / Double Bevel
Steel  VG-10 / Damascus Tsuchime
HRC  61- 62
Handle  125mm / Octagonal cherrywood
Weight  136 grams

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