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Yoshimi Kato VG-10 Bunka 170mm - Birch



The one and only Yoshimi Kato is at it again.

Kato-San makes some of our thinnest and most eccentric knives. Low resistance and incredible edge retention makes these the knives of our dreams. Workhorse as well as a classic look for any kitchen.

We got the opportunity to order a few sets of these and decided to have a little fun with some nice custom handles.

Why not, right? Birch is a little heavier. These would fit medium to larger sized hands.

This is our go to size / style.

We only have one in stock -  when they're gone, they're gone.

Thanks for checking them out.


Collection Knives
Blade  170mm / Double Bevel
Material  VG-10 / Damascus
HRC  61
Handle  130mm / Custom Birch Wood / Stabilized / Acrylic Spacer
Weight  138 grams 

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