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Yoshimi Kato SG2 Tsuchime Maple Santoku 180mm



New and exciting arrival from one of our favourite blacksmiths. Custom handles that don't come by very often. Stunners.

Yoshimi Kato is the son in law of revered and senior Blacksmith Hiroshi Kato.  He has since taken over the production of Kato-san's lines including the very popular VG-10 Black Damascus with Micarta handle.

These knives showcase the talent and skill that Yoshimi has learned from working under his Father for so many years.

This Tsuchime pattern on this Santoku is a new one from Kato-san and is incredibly unique. 

Each of these Maple handles is unique. Contact us for more details. 


Collection Knives
Blade 180mm / Double Bevel
Steel  SG2 / Tsuchime
HRC  62
Handle 116mm / Maple
Weight  193 grams

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