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Yoshimi Kato SG2 Honesuki 145mm



Yoshimi Kato is the son in law of Hiroshi Kato.  He has been apprenticing under his father and Katsushige Anryu for the last 20 + years and is now taking over the family business.

His attention to detail is evident in his knives. Super thin, light and well balance make these knives some of new shop favourites.

SG2 steel is a hard, robust, easy to sharpen metal that we find amazing in kitchen cutlery. Also known as R2.

We are very pleased to see the Kato name live on with Yoshimi.

A honesuki is the perfect butchery knife. Nimble enough for small jobs, rigid enough for the large ones. 


Collection Knives
Blade  145mm / Double Bevel
Steel SG-2 / Tsuchime
HRC 62
Handle 115mm / Slim Octagonal Teak
Weight  99 grams

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