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Yoshihiro Yauji Petty 120mm



Yoshihiro Yauji is a young blacksmith working out of Takefu knife village.  Part of new wave of young talented artisans that do so, Yauji-san is one of the few smiths that also polish, sharpen and finish his own steel. He uses damascus cladding to protect his Shirokami #2 core steel. These are all right handed knives - sorry lefties. Hardened to 62 HRC these are some seriously beautiful knives made by a young and talented blacksmith.

Side note: On a trip to Japan in the winter of 2016 I had the pleasure to sit down for a beer and some sashimi with Yauji - san and watching him talk about knives and his craft was truly inspiring. We should all strive to be as passionate and uncompromising as he is in everything that we do. A true artisan in every word.

We are extremely proud to offer you some of his incredible work here at KNIFE.

Please note that these knives are not stain resistant and must be kept clean and dry to avoid oxidation.


Collection Knives
Blade  120mm / Single Bevel - right handed
Steel  Shirokami #2 / Damascus Clad
HRC  61 - 62
Handle  115mm / Octagonal Ho Wood
Weight 59 grams

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