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Wok: by Yoshikawa

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Yoshikawa is a metals manufacturer and producer of cookware from Tsubame, Japan. A small seaside town whose artisan tradition of metalworking dates back to the 1600's. For 70 years, Yoshikawa has carried on the region's passion for high quality metalwork which has resulted in the production of their famous Yukihara pot.

This is an incredible wok. Light and thin are great qualities in a wok. This is made to be cranked! High heat and lots of movement - get that must have wok "hey" flavour. Flat bottom for ease of use at home.

Not dishwasher safe. Removable handle. Check out our cast iron care guide for more info on caring for these.


Collection Cookware
Diameter  30cm
Steel  High Carbon / Steel / Keep dry and seasoned 
Handle  Natural Wood / 170mm
Weight 1.2 kg

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