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Takumi Ikeda AS Santoku 170mm

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Takumi Ikeda is a young blacksmith from Takefu, Echizen.  Ikeda-san was an apprentice of Katsushige Anryu but now forges his own blades using Aogami Super steel in the core and damascus cladding.  These knives have a rockwell hardness of around 63 and hold an incredibly long edge.  The octagonal cherry handles and buffed / smoothed choil round out a great all around knife. "Three Virtues".  - The meaning of santoku.  Meat, fish and veg.  The all around, all purpose Japanese knife.

Please note that these knives are not cladded with stainless steel and will patina very quickly if left wet and/or dirty.  Wipe down your knives with a damp cloth after each use and store dry.  Enjoy.


Collection Knives
Blade  170mm / Double Bevel
Steel  Aogami Super Core / Damascus
HRC  63
Handle  125mm / Octagonal American Cherrywood
Weight  136 grams

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