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Sunaarashi VG-10 Kurozome Santoku 180mm

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Introducing a new line here at KNIFE.

Sunaarashi by Hatsukokoro in Seki City, Japan.

VG -10 is a great all around steel for use at home and/or work. Stainless enough for easy maintenance and hard enough for long edge retention.

In Japanese Sunaarashi means 'sandstorm.' This seems to be the perfect name for these gorgeous Kurozome Damascus knives. Kurozome means 'black charcoal' and is used to describe the black damascus finish on these knives. 

You truly need to see these in person to appreciate the skill and beauty. 


Collection Knives
Blade 180mm / Double Bevel
Steel VG-10 / Kurozome Damascus 
HRC  61-62
Handle 125mm / Octagonal Wenge / Buffalo Horn Ferrule
Weight 123 grams

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