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Sugimoto Fuguhiki 270mm



Sugimoto comes to us from Toyko via Seki city.  We have been huge fans of this small family's work since before the day we opened and continue to amaze at the clean precise work that comes from them.  They remain quiet and humble in the sense that this small family has produced great consistent work without compromise since after World War 2. Located in the famous Tsujiki Fish market in Tokyo, we are proud to be able to represent them in Canada.

Fuguhikis are designed for filleting Fugu (blowfish).  It takes a skilled master to wield this knife.  But we love it for slicing anything.  Great on cooked and raw protein. Makes amazing work on cooked steak.

Made with a Kasumi style White Steel, please remember to keep this blade dry and clean to avoid oxidation / rust.

Although blades are very similar, ferrule colours will vary due to the handmade nature of these knives.  Please note that ferrules range from dark black to light pearl tones. 


Collection Knives
Blade  270mm / Right Single Bevel
Steel  White Steel / Carbon
HRC  62
Handle  145mm / D-Shaped Magnolia
Weight  130 grams

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