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SKD-11 Santoku 180mm

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Made for us by Tsunehisa these santokus are awesome. Fast and well balanced as one of our regulars describes it.  The damascus pattern isn't too bad to look at either.

SKD-11 (alloy tool steel) steel comes to us via Hitachi Steel works in Japan.  Recognized as a high speed steel and used mainly in tools due to its durability.  SKD-11 also makes a wicked knife.

The 180mm Santoku is the classic do it all knife. "Three virtues" - the Japanese all purpose knife. Meat, fish and veg.


Collection Knives
Blade  180mm Double Bevel
Steel  SKD-11
HRC  61 - 62
Handle  120mm Black Riveted Pakka
Weight  176 grams

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