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Shirasagi Aogami #2 Kurouchi Kiritsuke 270mm



Introducing Shirasagi by Toru Tamura and Naohito Myojin for Hatsukokoro.

This Shirasagi line is made with Aogami #2 carbon steel for incredible edge retention and has a very rustic Kurouchi finish. We're used to seeing traditional single bevel knives in Migaki or polished finishes. The Kurouchi finish and Walnut handle add a very warm touch to this knife. 

Toru Tamura apprenticed under Hiroshi Kato, one of the most talented blacksmiths we've seen at KNIFE. Naohito Myojin has long been an expertly rated knife sharpener who is known for being the go-to sharpener and finisher for Konosuke knives. He spent a long 10 years perfecting his craft before also training to be a blacksmith. With both of these disciplines under his belt, Myojin-san has established himself as an incredibly talented knife maker and sharpener. 

Please keep this knife clean and dry to prevent any rusting. 

Please note, while this knife is sold as a 270mm the blade length is closer to 260mm and may vary from knife to knife. 


Collection Knives
Blade 270mm / Single Bevel
Steel Aogami #2 / Kurouchi 
HRC  63
Handle 140mm / Octagonal Walnut Handle / Buffalo Horn Ferrule
Weight 214 grams

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