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Shigeki Tanaka Aogami Super Sakimaru 300mm



These definitely don't come around too often. Well, never actually.

The proof is in the pictures.

Incredible handmade knife from master craftsman Shigeki Tanaka.

Tako Sakimaru's are truly a professional knife. Designed for slicing the final fish before consuming, these knives are reserved for the chef and chef only. Tako (octopus) knives are designed without a tip to prevent any accidental poking into the body for an Octopus, but can be used easily for sashimi or any raw slicing.

All of Tanaka San's knives come in a beautiful handmade kiri gift box, class.


Collection Knives
Blade  300mm Single Bevel - Right
Steel  Aogami Super
HRC  64 - 65
Weight  233 grams

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