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September Coffee - Amparo Botina - Columbia



Our feature Canadian Roaster for this month is September Coffee Co from Ottawa.

September Coffee Co is the lovechild of one of favourite coffee Youtubers Kyle Roswell. Kyle with his wife Natasha embody what we love about this industry. A transparent coffee company dedicated to bringing innovative and modern coffee flavours to the world. With an enduring work ethos, Kyle and Natasha run one of our most exiting roasters in Canada. Happy to be the first to carry September Coffee Co in Toronto. 

In their words:

We exist to highlight.

"we are a micro roastery in Canada's capital, Ottawa. we believe coffee is more than a caffeine fix. it's highlighting farmers, producers, processing methods, terrior, and variety that all work together to produce a quality result. our goal is to share coffees we love while highlighting this foundation"

Our approach.

"Our core mission at September is to share coffee we love. we are careful to source coffees that are not only delicious but source them direct or from importers that we believe live within the ethics of our values.

for our shower series we roast to highlight the work of producers while aiming for just enough development to allow a coffee to shine. this is how the larger majority of our menu is designed.

we also realize that not everyone is a fan of this style of coffee and we're not here to judge. in fact we believe many coffees benefit from a different roasting profile. we have our storm series for those who prefer coffees with added development for increased texture, colour and solubility while still highlighting a modern and delicate approach to coffee with great balance".†

Stay tuned for many new and interesting coffees coming from Ottawa.

We are thrilled to be able to welcome Kyle and Natasha to KNIFE - Toronto.

Offered in 250 gram bags. Contact us for larger / bulk purchases.

We aim to offer all our coffees as soon as they arrive ensuring you receive them as close to their roast date as possible. 

September coffees shine 10 - 14 days after roast and keep up to 2 months. Best enjoyed slowly and thoughtfully.



Collection Beans
Region  San Augustin, Huila Columbia
Farm  Amparo Botina
Process  Washed
Altitude  1900
Weight  250g
Level  Light
Impressions orange, stone fruit, black tea, florals
Brew Method  Filter, Espresso, Aeropress
Roast Date  May 3 / 2023    

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