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The latest from Saija in Victoria, British Columbia.

Saija is just the type of micro roaster we love. 

Partners Sage and Aija are the reason why we love coffee and the industry it brings. Passionate people, creating incredible things.

Happy to be able to introduce them to Toronto. 

Clean, crisp, lightly roasted incredible coffee - perfect.

Welcome to KNIFE, Saija Coffee.


JARC 74158

A balanced, sweet and clean coffee. Approachable, yet vying for inquisition with complexities that intertwine with its silky textural expression. You'll find deep purple fruits communing with their candy-esque counterparts, and rich cocoa hinting at gentle notes of gold rum and floral fragrances. 

Variety & Processing

This 74158 (a JARC verified coffee variety) is picked and sorted before the coffee cherries are dried slowly on raised beds over 20 days. 

Nguisse Nare

Nguisse Nare is the owner/producer at his farm Setame where he grows and processes the JARC 74158 variety and collects additional coffee cherry from his neighbours for further processing. 4 years into production, Setame sits at an elevation of 2300m above sea level, while Nguisse and his team execute on Dry & Anaerobic processes with a focused effort on quality. 



Producer Nguisse Nare
Farm  Setame
Region Sidama, Bensa Bombe, Ethiopia
Variety (JARC) 74158
Process Natural / dried 20 days on raised beds
Altitude  2240 masl
Brew Method  Filter 
Weight  200 grams
Tasting Notes  grape, candy, floral, honey, cocoa, hint of gold rum
Roast Date June 2, 2024


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