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The latest from Saija in Victoria, British Columbia.

Saija is just the type of micro roaster we love. 

Partners Sage and Aija are the reason why we love coffee and the industry it brings. Passionate people, creating incredible things.

Happy to be able to introduce them to Toronto. 

Clean, crisp, lightly roasted incredible coffee - perfect.

Welcome to KNIFE, Saija Coffee.



An immediate presentation of rich sweetness and vibrant acidity sits atop a pleasant and weighted mouthfeel, adding structure and balance to the cup. You'll find notes of ripe peach, sweet orange, caramel, and hibiscus. 

Variety & Processing

Coffee cherries of the Caturra variety are harvested, washed and fermented for 16-20 hours before being shade-dried on raised drying beds for 12 days. 

Amparo Botina

Amparo Botina's coffees are excellent. Her farm Finca El Encinal sits at an elevation of 1920m in a valley above the Los Arrayanes River in Nariño, Colombia. Thanks to the quality and demand of her coffees, Amparo Botina has been able to invest in key infrastructure for El Encinal, elevating the flavour of her coffees year after year. 



Producer  Amparo Botina
Farm El Encinal
Region Nariño, Colombia
Variety  Caturra
Process  Washed / 16-20 hour fermentation / dried 12 days on covered raised beds
Altitude 1920 masl
Brew Method  Filter 
Weight  200 grams
Tasting Notes  ripe peach, sweet orange, caramel, hibiscus
Roast Date  June 1, 2024


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