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Reboot Coffeebar is a specialty light roast coffee shop located in the Chuo Ginza shopping district of Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

Reboot is run by our new friend Toshiki. It is here in his little cafe that his passion and dedication comes through with each bean roasted and served. We found him through our family in Japan.

Always in search of not only the best coffee in the world, but the most passion driven and dedicated individuals that continue to push this industry further and further with their hard work. 

The coffee is roasted and extracted under the theme of 'coffee as a luxury item' and is not bitter or smoky, allowing you to enjoy the fruity and wonderful flavor inherent to high-quality specialty coffee.


Takasaki Chuo Shopping Street, where Reboot Coffeebar is located, once flourished as the center of Takasaki.

However, although it is currently one of the prefecture's most lively entertainment districts at night, it is quiet during the day and is known as a shuttered district.

We hope that young people will once again gather in this shopping district and bring it back to life. 

With this in mind, we named our store REBOOT. 

Tamiru Tadesse Tesema

Ethiopia's outstanding young coffee producer and owner of ALO Coffee PLC, which won 1st and 5th place in the Cup of Excellence Ethiopia 2021. In 2022 he bought a new washing station and a 17 hectare coffee farm in the village of Bensa Aro, where he also built a greenhouse and a natural coffee dry mill. In 2023 he further expanded his business by purchasing two new washing stations and two new natural processing sites, along with a 20 hectare farm. 


A variety with a small screen size but a very bright flavour. Nowadays, it has started to be cultivated in Guji and other areas. Tamiru's Underscreen, grown in the Alo village in Bensa and named 'ALO Berry,' has a particularly remarkable flavour. Due to its excellent quality, he was considering submitting it to the COE Ethiopia in 2021, but was rejected due to the extremely small screen size. Regardless, Tamiru had confidence in this coffee and introduced it to the international market and popularized its characteristics by naming it 'Underscreen.' 

The strong brightness of the variety and the impression of acidity is reminiscent of berries and tropical fruits. When it cools down, it has a heavy candy-like sweetness and you can also feel the impression of Shine Muscat. This coffee has a very rich and complex flavour, so please enjoy the change in taste depending on the temperature range. 


Welcome not only to KNIFE, but to Canada, one of Japan's newest and most promising young roasters. Thank you Toshi-san.

We LOVE Tamiru Tadesse's coffee! This is a must try for any specialty coffee lover, trust us.


Producer Tamiru Tadesse Tesema
Region Bensa, Sidama, Ethiopia
Process Natural
Variety 74165 (ALO Berry)
Altitude 2380-2470 masl
Weight 150g
Level  Light
Impressions Intense floral, Blueberry, Tropical fruit, Shine muscat
Brew Method  Filter, Espresso
Roast Date March 24, 2024


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