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Mizuno Izumi Masatada Petty 150mm

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Founded in 1872 and located in the city of Sakai, Osaka.  Mizuno Tanrenjo has been producing handmade wa-bocho knives for four generations.  Without the use of propane or gas for the forges.  Mizuno Tanrenjo still employs the use charcoal to fire their kilns.  The raw blade is then allowed to cool in carbonized straw/ash.  This longer cooling period helps with any irregularities.  We are proud to be the first supplier of Mizuno Tanrenjo knives in Canada.

Here at KNIFE we're continually in search of great, well-priced, workhorse-style knives for the countless cooks and chefs who need low maintenance without sacrificing performance. We feel the Izumi Masatada line is that such knife. Great balance and stain resistance are always important in a busy kitchen. 

If you cut as many strawberries and apples as we do for our young children, you're gonna love a petty.  


Collection Knives
Blade  150mm / Double Bevel
Steel  Molybdenum
HRC  58 - 59
Handle  95mm Western Riveted Pakka
Weight  96 grams

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