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Masamoto KS3124 240mm Gyuto




What is there to say about this knife that hasn't already been said.

Sure, there's hype, sure they went for crazy prices due to inventory levels. But regardless of what you may believe, this is just one incredible knife.

The biggest selling point for this knife in our opinion is the profile. Long and flat for perfect push or pull styles. You just don't see this profile in lots of Japanese knives. 

Made with mono steel construction / White #2  - keep this guy dry and clean for years of use.

The fit and finish on this knife is great. A polished spine is the first thing you notice, such a great touch in a knife that makes you want to use this guy all day. 

Yes, it's carbon and can tarnish, but building that perfect patina is what we all strive for, isn't it?

We don't normally carry Masamoto, but this knife is just something we had to have in the shop. With a year like 2020, hell, we all need a little pick me up.

These are the newer version of the Masamoto KS of old, slightly different blade profiles and metallurgy than their predecessors, but still just as desirable and incredible to use.

Includes a custom fitted saya.

These are all very handmade - weight and ferrule colours vary, please contact us for more exact details.

Two left in stock - one with white ferrule one with black. Feel free to contact us for more details.


Collection Knives
Blade  240mm ish / flat long profile
Steel  Mono steel / White #2
HRC  62
Handle 135mm / Ho Wood / Buffalo Horn Ferrule / D shaped
Weight  170 grams (approximate)
Saya  Custom Magnolia / Perfect Fit

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