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Masakage Koishi Honesuki 145mm

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Made by Master Blacksmith Hiroshi Kato.  The Koishi line of knives are some of the top performers in the Masakage range.  Utilizing Aogami Super (Super Blue Carbon) and hardened to 63 HRC.  These are amazing knives.  Kurouchi is left on to further protect the carbon steel and gives the knife a traditional and rustic characteristic.  Koishi translates to "pebble".   The Tsuchime (hammered) finish is made to resemble river pebbles.  These knives are cladded with stainless steel but must still be kept dry and clean to avoid discolouration.  Subtle Japanese beauty.

The honesuki is our favourite knife for butchery.  No flex is needed if a knife is as well designed as this one.  Use the tip for fine work and the rest of the blade for slicing through the protein.


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Blade  145mm / Double Bevel
Steel  Aogami Super / Stainless clad Kurouchi
HRC   63 - 64
Handle  120mm / Octagonal American Cherrywood
Weight   120 grams

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