Makoto Tadakoro Fugu-Kiritsuke 270mm Shirokami #2



Introducing Makoto Tadakoro. 

We are very pleased to introduce this talented blacksmith not only to Toronto, but for the first time in Canada. 

Tadakoro-san hails from Tosa, Japan where he trained under Morihiro-san from Sakai City, considered by many to be one of the finest knife sharpeners from Japan.

Makoto Tadakoro works closely with many talented blacksmiths to achieve the highest quality in blade smithing and sharpening. These knives in particular are made by Satoshi Nakagawa. Nakagawa-san was the apprentice of Kenichi Shiraki for 16 years before taking over the workshop and creating his own Hamono in 2021. 

We are very impressed with the work that Tadakoro-san and Nakagawa-san have done with these knives and are excited to share them with Toronto and beyond. 

Fuguhiki's or Fugu-Kiritsuke's are designed for filleting Fugu (blowfish). It takes a skilled master to wield this knife, but we love it for slicing anything. Great on cooked and raw protein. Makes amazing work on cooked steak.

This line is made with Shirokami #2 carbon steel for excellent edge retention and ease of sharpening. 

Please keep this knife clean and dry to prevent rusting. A natural patina will occur and is beneficial to the knife. 


Blade 270mm / Fugu-Kiritsuke / Right Handed
Material  Shirokami #2 / White steel #2
HRC  63 - 64
Handle  140mm / Octagonal Walnut / Buffalo Horn Ferrule
Weight  145 grams


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