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Lilo Coffee Roasters comes to us from Osaka, Japan, where they have two beautiful cafe spaces along with the Lilo Coffee Factory. 

Coffee can make people's lives fun and interesting.

Espresso Blend

What we care for in espresso blends is 'balance.'

A blend that shows the beans individuality when roasted relatively deeply, and gives a slight berry scent in the richness and sweetness of chocolate. 

It has a good compatibility with milk and is a recommended bean for those who want to taste a firm coffee in sweetness. 

A classic espresso - dark, bold and delicious, a true everyday warrior.

Cupping Comments from Lilo

The robust richness of dark chocolate. A savoury nutty flavour. A subtle hint of blueberry fragrance. 

Exciting coffee from an exciting roaster and regions.

Welcome to KNIFE, Lilo.


Origin East Timor / Ethiopia / Brazil / Myanmar
Weight 200g
Level  Dark
Impressions  Chocolate, Nuts, Berry
Brew Method Espresso / Filter / Cold Brew
Roast Date March 25, 2024


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