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Lilo Coffee Roasters comes to us from Osaka, Japan, where they have two beautiful cafe spaces along with the Lilo Coffee Factory. 

Coffee can make people's lives fun and interesting.

Daily Vitality Blend

A versatile regular blend that provides a table taste in various uses regardless of the time of day. A fragrance like burnt caramel, a rich fruity feeling like sultana raisins and a firm sweetness with a milky mouth feel. 

Beans that can be enjoyed as just a coffee or as a pairing coffee that goes well with sweet desserts. 

Enjoy it as a daily use coffee that you always want to stock. A darker, fuller roast. A classic everyday bean.

Picture a dark smoky empty jazz bar - the master sitting in the corner sipping his whiskey - the intensity and richness can be felt in the quiet.

Cupping Comments from Lilo

The gentle, spreading aroma of hazelnuts and the savoury fragrance of caramel. A rich sweetness reminiscent of rolling raisins on the tongue. A lingering aftertaste and prolonged sweetness of chocolate. 

This is one of a few of Lilo's classic standards. A truly classic blend.

Oh Lilo, you have our heart already.



Origin Bolivia / Guatemala / Ethiopia
Weight 200g
Level  Dark
Impressions  Raisin, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel
Brew Method Espresso / Filter / Cold Brew
Roast Date March 25, 2024


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