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Lilo Coffee Roasters comes to us from Osaka, Japan, where they have two beautiful cafe spaces along with the Lilo Coffee Factory. 

Coffee can make people's lives fun and interesting.

Idido Smallholders

Idido is located in Yirgacheffe, Gedeo Zone, 400+km away from Adis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe is based at over 2000 masl and is blesses with varying temperatures from day and night making it synonymous in growing some of the world's best coffee.

Abreham Desalegn produces coffee with his father and son. They carefully select natural cherries produced in cooperation with surrounding farmers and carefully control the quality at their own drying station. 

Cupping Comments from Lilo

Strawberry flavour that spreads in a fluffy way. Tartness and sweetness like cranberry and peach juice. Creamy mouth feel and lingering syrupy sweetness. 

This coffee is a gorgeous representation of a clean natural from Ethiopia - one of shop's fave styles and varieties of coffee. Well balanced, well priced, well loved. Lilo with love.


Farm  Abreham Desalegn & Idido Smallholders
Region  Yirgacheffe, Idido, Ethiopia
Process  Natural
Variety  Native Species
Altitude 1900-2100 masl
Weight 200g
Level  Light
Impressions strawberry, cranberry, peach, creamy, syrup
Brew Method Filter / Espresso / Cold Brew
Roast Date March 25, 2024


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