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Lilo Coffee Roasters comes to us from Osaka, Japan, where they have two beautiful cafe spaces along with the Lilo Coffee Factory. 

Coffee can make people's lives fun and interesting.

Anaerobic Fermentation

Anaerobic is now becoming the standard for specialty coffee. Anaerobic fermentation is one of many fermentation methods for green coffee beans. In coffee refining (washing), the pulp of the coffee cherry is removed, washed with water, and the mucilage is removed by fermentation. In most cases, this is done in outdoor fermenters, but in Anaerobic, it is done in closed fermenters or ranks under oxygen-free conditions. Microorganisms that are not active in aerobic conditions become active, producing a unique flavour. The sealed conditions also reduce external factors that can affect the coffee, and combined with a device that controls the temperature inside the fermenter, it also makes it possible to stabilize the quality of the coffee. 

Esteban, who heads the specialty coffee division of Café de Altura, was the first in the world to create such anaerobic fermentation (Cafe dé Altura is one of Costa Rica's largest companies that purchases offee cherries from small producers and handles everything from refining to export). 

We realized that coffee is a fruit. The best part of the fruit is the sweet juice or nectar. In coffee, it is called mucilage. Mucilage used to be something that is removed by fermentation, but we are utiilizing that unwanted part of the fruit to create flavour. Specifically, we take the mucilage from selected coffee cherries and add it to other coffees for fermentation. This makes the flavour profile more complex and deep. 

Cupping Comments from Lilo

Intense cinnamon and dried fig flavours. Harmony of sweet and sour flavours of baked apple and cherry. Creamy with a pleasant yogurt aftertaste. 

Welcome to KNIFE - a truly incredible and exciting coffee.

Please note - this premium coffee is sold in 100 gram bags. Savour every last drop of this incredible coffee. 


Farm  El Manantial 
Region  West Valley, Costa Rica
Process  Anaerobic Natural
Variety  Kenia
Altitude 1600 masl
Weight 100g
Level Light
Impressions  cinnamon, dry fig, baked apple, cherry, creamy, yogurt
Brew Method Filter / Espresso
Roast Date March 25, 2024    


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