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Kurasu needs little to no introduction in the world of coffee. 

Based in Kyoto, Japan - Kurasu has been bringing specialty coffee to the world since 2013 when they started in a small online homewares shop..

With outposts all over Japan, Bangkok, and now Singapore, Kurasu is on its way to being a household name in specialty coffee.

We have followed the growth of Yozo (owner) for years and once visited the first cafe in Kyoto on a recent trip to Japan. It has been incredibly exciting watching him and Kurasu grow.

We are extremely proud and honored to be able to offer Kurasu coffee to Toronto and Canada.

Check out more about Kurasu and Yozo's journey here.


Collection Coffee
Region   Fazenda Rio Brilhante, Coromandel, Cerrado Miniero
Country  Brazil
Process  Natural
Variety  Aramosa
Altitude  950 - 1100 masl
Brew Method  pour over / cafec light roast paper
Weight  200 grams
Roast  Medium
Notes  fermented grapes, dried raisin, oatmeal cookie
Roast Date  November 7, 2023


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