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Kotetsu Petty 135mm / Type 3



The Kotetsu line of knives comes to us from Takefu via Hiroshima.  Shibata Takayuki, a master sharpener, in partnership with blacksmith Yoshimi Kato create the Kotetsu. Originally made with R2 Powdered steel, these are some of the thinness and lightest knives in house.  

Shibata san has since introduced these new guys.  Made with Aogami Super steel (classic) and easier to sharpen than the ever so hard R2. - "Art over Beauty."

This is Shibata - san's new version - Type 3.  This little uses Aogami Super steel but still retains it thin laser like qualities.

Please note that due to the dwindling resources of rosewood, the Kotetsu line has introduced Jarrah wood as its primary handle. Jarrah is an Australian hardwood used primarily in furniture due to its high durability. Jarrah wood is a great choice for a knife handle; durable, anti-microbial and most importantly, sustainable.

This is not a stainless blade. Aogami Super can rust if left mistreated. Please keep dry and clean.


Collection Knives
Blade  130mm / Double Bevel
Steel  Aogami Super / Cladded Stainless
HRC   63
Handle  115mm / Octagonal Jarrah Wood
Weight 64 grams

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