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Hayabusa HAP-40 Bunka 180mm



Introducing a new line here at KNIFE.

Hayabusa HAP-40 from Hatsukokoro in Seki City. 

These knives are made with the incredible HAP-40 semi stainless steel, one of the hardest steels used in knife making. With a carbon content of 1.3%, HAP-40 boasts an HRC of 66, making it one of the hardest steels in our shop and a favourite among cooks and blacksmiths alike. 

The Hayabusa line is made using a combination of techniques. The blades are forged using a method called roll forging and are then sharpened and finished by hand. 

Please note, while these knives have a stainless cladding, HAP-40 is a semi stainless steel and should be kept clean and dry to prevent rusting. 


Collection Knives
Blade 180mm / Double Bevel
Steel  HAP - 40 / Migaki
HRC  66
Handle 130mm / Black Walnut / Buffalo Horn Ferrule
Weight 118 grams

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