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Gina Smart - GOAT Story



Ah the Gina. A coffee lover's dream come true. Three separate brew methods in one incredibly attractive package. Gina.

GOAT Story is an incredible company. Their passion for coffee, innovation and uncompromising dedication is evident in everything that they do. Professional service and incredible products. An absolute no brainer to work with.

Based in Slovenia, we have quickly become close and are beyond excited to be able to offer you the great wares from GOAT story.

Welcome the Gina. Three brewers in one. Conical drip, immersion and Kyoto Style cold drip - probably the only brewer you'll need. Uncompromising style - the Gina will stand out in any brew bar set up. Bonus - incredible with tea.

This is the Gina Smart. Integrated bluetooth scale.

Grab the Gina App for Android here

We love both versions equally - choosing which is your call. We here at KNIFE will always choose a more a lo-tech version of things, but integrated blutooth scale is a great touch - and who isn't away from their phone.

 Check out some of GOAT story's videos on how to brew with the Gina.

Find more tech specs here.

Includes pack of filter paper and cold brew papers, as well as a USB cable for charging. 


Collection Coffee
Material  Stainless Steel / Borosilicate Glass
Dimensions  34.5cm X 16.5cm X 13.5cm
Weight  1.4 kg  

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