Fujiwara Denka No Hoto Wa Sujihiki 240mm



The Fujiwara family have been making edged tools for over 140 years.  Today, fourth generation blacksmith Teruyasu Fujiwara continues this craft with kitchen knives. Regarded as some of the best constructed knives in the world his knowledge in forging and care of the craft show in all lines that carry the Fujiwara name.  We are very proud to offer his knives in our shop.

The Denka No hoto line is Fujiwara's top end line.  Incredibly high rockwell hardness and expertly forged Chigusa cou Aogami Super steel make this one of our top shop favourites.

Same incredible Denka, now with a wa handle


Collection Knives
Blade  240mm / 70/30 Right side
Steel  Chigusa Cou Super Blue / Stainless clad
HRC  66 - 67
Handle  145mm / Octagonal Magnolia / Buffalo Horn Ferrule
Weight  162 grams


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