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Fujiwara Chuka Bocho 225mm



This is a cleaver made by none other than Teruyasu Fujiwara. Handmade using Shirokami #1 steel and utilizing a Chinese style short walnut handle.  This is the do it all in a Chinese kitchen.  The stainless cladding is great considering the large contact surface. Although imposing at first, this cleaver feels natural and balanced in the hand. A very light and nimble cleaver considering its size. 

Fujiwara's knives are all very unique. We have noticed that even within the same knife there have been vast weight differences. For exact feel and weight, please contact us directly. Thanks.


Collection Knives
Blade  225mmx112mm / Double Bevel
Steel  White Steel #1 / Stainless Clad
HRC   62 - 63
Handle  95mm / Riveted Walnut 
Weight   406 grams

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