Delter Coffee Press



The Delter coffee press, due to its shape and function will undoubtedly always be compared to the ever popular and available Aeropress. Aside for its similar footprint, the two brewers share very little in common.

The Delter coffee press uses an injection style brew method, where the Aeropress uses more of an immersion style. Injection brewing allows the user much more control resulting in a far cleaner cup of coffee. Similar to a finely filtered pour over.

Australian designed from 2018 - this unique brewer uses a unique "jet seal" system that keeps coffee grounds and water separate for exact brewing recipes. The volumetric markings on the press also allows the user to brew without a scale making this the ultimate travel brewer. Unlike many other brewers, the ingenious jet seal design allows the user to add more water as needed without needing to reset the brew / agitate more coffee grounds. And a 30 gram grounds chamber is plenty for single to triple batches. Simply add more water as desired.

Clean up is a breeze, simply expel all the water from the cylinder, pop out the coffee puck and rinse with warm water. 

This is our main travel brewer due to its portability.

Stronger Coffee - More Clarity. Perfect.

Includes a 100pk of Delter filter papers. Works well with Aeropress filters as well as Aesir high quality paper. End cap / bean dosing spoon included.

Be sure to check out the brew guide for details on how to use this incredible brewer.

Finally back in stock! - One of our favourite travel brewers.

Feel free to swing by the shop anytime for a quick demo as we always love having a Delter made coffee. 

***Stay tuned! New Grey model along with some new goodies arriving from Australia / Delter very soon!


Use Brewing
Material BPA-free Tritan co-polyester / silicone gaskets
Capacity 250ml
Size Diameter 65mm / Width 100mm / Height 170mm
Weight 240 grams


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