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Apollon's Gold - Nuevo Horizonte



Apollon's Gold started as a small home roasting coffee shop in a western suburb of Tokyo, and has since grown and gained worldwide recognition for their incredible bean choice and delicious coffees. They have been featured and represented in some of the best coffee shops in the world and are loved by many enthusiasts.

We met Yoshitatsu (Apollon's head roaster) via email and dms and grew to love his ideal and reasoning of the world of single origin coffees. Their innovative roasting styles and effortless passion for roasting and tasting made going with Apollon's Gold a no-brainer for us here.

All of their coffees are cupped by the roaster and 2 cuppers in Tokyo.

We are pleased to be able to offer Apollon's Gold to Toronto and Canada.

In their words:


We are always aiming to enhance the best possible brightness that we see as the terroir by the roast development. As we used to roast classical espresso coffees (especially blends) in the very beginning, we are trying to bring each coffees's potential sweetness to achieve omni roast. Every single batch is roasted by our roaster/founder, using Coffee SR5 classic drum roaster with a unique profile that is inspired by thousands of batches of roasting experience in modern specialty coffee and classic espresso roasting, that especially focuses on drum rolling speed and airflow setting.

Omni roast Profiles

All the coffees we offer can be brewed by any method from filter or espresso! Each origin is roasted in a roast profile with 20-25% development time ratio to enhance sweetness and flavors, that is dedicated to the versatility. We control drum rolling speed and airflow very carefully along with the roast development to achieve our omni roasting.

Apollon's Gold's head roaster Yoshitatsu recommends resting / degassing your coffee sealed in its bag for at least 40 days. Best served at 45 - 60 days post roast date. Good up to 90 days shelf life.

Check out Apollon's Gold's head brewers V60 recipe here

This coffee is classified as bright and fruity. Yoshitatsu describes this coffee as a coffee with bright acidity and pleasant fruit flavours, balanced out with sweetness and juicy notes.

Yoshitatsu told us that they are always on the search for clean and authentic Latin American coffees. These Peruvian beans always represent the roasters talents best. We couldn't agree more - this coffee is incredibly sweet and delicate leaving the best lingering mouthfeel. Incredibly elegant and extremely smooth. Unbelievable coffee.

Check out Apollon's Gold's website for more info.


Collection Beans
Region  Puno, Peru
Process  Washed
Variety  Bourbon
Altitude  1900
Brew Method  Filter and Espresso
Weight  250grams
Roast Level  Omni Roast
Tasting Notes  pear, black tea, kiwi
Roast Date  May 3 / 2023

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