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Anryu Aogami #2 Sujihiki 270mm



Katushige Anryu started apprenticing under his father, Katsutoshi Anryu after graduating from high school in 1959.  He is a fourth generation blacksmith and has been doing so for over 50 years.   - "Iron is alive, it can live and it can die depending on the blacksmith."

These knives are handmade and reflect the blacksmith's search for perfection.

Aogami #2 is not stainless and must be kept dry and clean to avoid any oxidation and/or rust.

These have incredible ebony handles on. Stunners.


Collection Knives
Blade 270mm / Double Bevel
Steel  Aogami #2 / Stainless Clad  
HRC  62 - 63
Handle  140mm / Hexagonal Walnut
Weight  145 grams

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