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Cocktail Board - #1



We are extremely proud to introduce to our site Ted Tables.  

Ted comes to us from Port Perry, Ontario. It is there that he produces some of the finest cutting boards we have ever come across and are happy to now be offering them on the site.

These small cocktail boards feature a mix of local woods, maple walnut and cherry. 
They are perfect for smaller tasks, bar work and garnishes.

Please note that no two boards that we carry from Ted are similar and colours and patterns will vary. For any further info please contact us directly. However, photos of boards are updated regularly.

Check out our blog post about Ted for some info about the man himself.

Don't forget to protect your boards. Used properly, a well made cutting board will last a lifetime.


Collection Cutting Boards
Size  30cm X 18cm X 3cm
Material  Walnut 
Type  End Grain
Weight  985 grams
Groove  No    

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