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Urushi Hangiri Kiso Sawara Rice Mixing Bowl - 36cm




Hangiris are traditionally used for seasoning sushi rice

Kiso Sawara is a water and high acid resistant wood making it the perfect choice for making sushi rice in. One of the "5 trees of Kiso," the craftsmen who produce these holders choose only its straight grain and hand tighten the rings in order to keep its natural shape for a lesser chance of warping.

Never place in dish washer. Use a little mineral oil once in awhile to season the wood. Store dry and clean.

Please enjoy the smell of the Kiso Sawara wood when you first put in your warm rice.

Perfect with a Hinoki rice spatula.


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Dimensions  16cm H / 36cm Diameter
Material  Kiso Sawara Cypress Wood
Use  For seasoning sushi rice
Care  Keep dry / Mineral oil as needed

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