Yoshikane SKD Nashiji Bunka 165mm



Yoshikane by Hatsukokoro in Seki City, Japan.

Yoshikane Hamono was founded in 1919 in Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture. Today this highly regarded hamono is run by 4th generation master Kazutoshi Yamamoto. Yoshikane is considered one of the most established and top quality knife manufacturers in the region. 

A quote from Yamamoto-san sums up the hamono's beliefs perfectly: 'While many things change rapidly nowadays, there are ideas and beliefs that never change. Everyday I make sure the meaning of these words are forged into knife making.'

These knives are made with one of our favourite steels - SKD, and beautiful walnut handles. 

SKD is a semi stainless metal, however we find that it has great stainless qualities. Just take of it, and it'll treat you with love forever.

These knives will rust if left wet or dirty. Make sure to wipe down your knife to protect from oxidization. 


Collection Knives
Blade 165mm / Double Bevel
Steel SKD / Stainless Clad / Nashiji
HRC  62
Handle 130mm / Octagonal Walnut / Buffalo Horn Ferrule
Weight 154 grams


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