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Takeshi Saji VG 10 - 130mm Petty



The master doing what he does best. Making the most incredible knives ever.

This guy uses the tried and true VG-10. Truly one of our favourite steels here at the shop. This is the epitome of versatility and utility. The true companion to your busy station.

We don't get these in that often and when we do, they go just as fast. There is only one of each of these, but feel free to contact us for more options in the coming future.

Saji - san, a true master.


Collection Knives
Blade  130mm / Double Wide Bevel
Steel  VG-10 / Stainless 
HRC  60
Handle  105mm / Black Micarta
Weight  146 grams

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Now open in Leslieville for sharpening / curbside pick ups.