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Takeshi Saji SRS 13 Set of Four



The master doing what he does best. Making the most incredible knives ever.

This is a special set. We never get these in and when we do, they fly. These guys are stunning and we feel belong in a nice set.

SRS 13 is a powdered metal that is truly incredible. Known for its edge retention and ease of maintenance, a steel for the future.

We don't get these in that often and when we do, they go just as fast. There is only one set of these, but feel free to contact us for more options in the coming future.

Saji - san, a true master.


Collection Knives
Blade  130mm / 170mm / 210mm / 240mm / Double Wide Bevel
Steel  SRS13 / Stainless 
HRC  62
Handle  105mm / 120mm / 120mm / 120mm / Compressed Pakka Wood / Steel hilt
Weight 120 grams / 220 grams / 228 grams / 248 grams

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