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Sukenari ZDP-189 Santoku 170mm



We are very happy to introduce Sukenari knives to our ever growing collection of incredible blacksmiths here in Toronto.

Sukenari Hamono is located in central Japan in Toyama prefecture. Founded in 1933 by Master smith Hanaki Toukichi after spending time with Masamoto. It is now currently run by Toukichi's third generation of blacksmiths.

We love Sukenari for the fact that they utilize traditional techniques keeping true to their ancestors howeve continually pushing boundaries using modern steels like ZDP189 and SG2.

ZDP-189 is extremely high in Carbon and Chromium making the process quite expensive to manufacture. It can be heat treated upwards of 67-68 hrc which is incredibly hard to sharpen. Sukenari will allow for slightly lower hrc to make it user friendly. 

Fit and finish on these knives are incredible and edge retention is almost second to none. These are the steels for the true professional chef that needs no compromise on a busy line.

Slowly trickling into Toronto - we are proud to now be able to offer these incredible blades to you.


Collection Knives
Blade  170mm / Double Bevel
Steel  ZDP-189 / Migaki
HRC  > 66
Handle  130mm / slim Walnut octagonal
Weight  146 grams

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